Rose Quartz (Pocket Size)
Rose Quartz (Pocket Size)

Rose Quartz (Pocket Size)


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A blocked or unbalanced heart chakra can bring Feelings of detachment from the world. the disconnect between yourself and the universe leads to negative effects in your life, relationships, career etc.Rose quartz is the one crystal that promotes Universal love/ love in all forms. Helping your relationships, communication, business, career, sensual creativity etc.. 

Mind: peace, calm , empathy, universal love , removes blockages ressuring comfort transmutes all neg into love depression

 Body: clears skin, increase blood circulation soothes headaches & sinus issues. chest and lungs heals the heart lust for life feeling patience undertanding better relationships with alll things


Soul: Replenishes & heals the heart chakra which attracts love and abundance in all things. Radiate a loving lustful feel to life improving your relationship with others but most importantly yourself!


Planet : Venus

Chem : SiO2

Zodiac :  Taurus / libra