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Moon Alchemy
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Moon Alchemy

Moon Alchemy


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Tap into the cosmic energy!

Using the moon cycles is one of the best tools for manifesting, releasing & intentional living.

The moon affects the tides of all bodies of water. Keep in mind, we too are made of 99% water so imagine its impact on us! Just like the moon goes through its phases so do we. which is why it's great to utilize the moon's energy. To cleanse, release allowing you to be open to receive & manifest all the possibilities as well as getting in tune with YOUR personal phases, Journey.  This way you can work with the cosmos rather than feeling like it's working against you on your self-development/ transformative journey. 

What to expect...

I tap into the current cosmic energy then we tap into yours using tarot & oracle cards for higher guidance To help you efficiently work with the current moon phase 

you will find out...

Your current energy 

What is blocking you?

What you can release moving forward to receive during this phase

What intentions should be planted

The outcome of your intentions 

& intuitive guidance / advice.


Within 24hours of booking  Moon Alchemy, you'll receive A personalized email with detailed intuitive guidance on how to best-set intention & utilize the cosmic energy during this time.

   **** Leave a note at checkout if there's something specific you need clarity on as well as your SUN, MOON & RISING sign for a more in-depth reading ****