Inner Child HeaLIVNG

Inner Child HeaLIVNG


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Who is your inner child?

What if life has disconnected us from them? & it’s time to get back. The youthful you? the you who didnt care about the opinion of others & unapologetically had your own ,  The you that was BOLD, fearless, creative! Before relationships, programs, traumas, addictions & environments...

When we reunite/ heal our inner child it is then can we truly experience abundant living. 

What To Expect..  

we tap into your current energy using tarot & oracle cards for higher guidance 

well find out,

How your inner child feels currently

What you lacked as a child

What's something that impacted your inner child

How that’s effecting now

How you can reparent your inner child

 & intuitive self-care/ wellness and mindful advice where I see fit in your reading

As we connect we get to the root of your healing to better understand how our inner child’s coping mechanism might keep us stuck in situations that aren’t beneficial to us or our present life's growth. But through this you can ensure you both are safe to move onto life's next phase & invite them on the journey as they help keep life way more fun along the way! 

You'll receive an email after booking is confirmed. on the scheduled date we meet & connect for 60min via Gmail chat.. [more details on meeting will be in the email]. 


*** Keep in mind I am not a licensed therapist or a counselor ****