Cosmic Clarity

Cosmic Clarity


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A Space where you & I connect & chat about whatever you truly need Higher guidance, clarity, and confirmation on

*** Please leave your GMAIL ACCOUNT with a question or specific Situation you need clarity on as well as your SUN, MOON & RISING sign for a more detailed/ personal reading in the NOTES at checkout! ** 



  • Feeling stuck? Need clarity on a specific situation and how to move forward?
  • what is the bigger lesson behind what you're currently going through?
  • get to the emotional & spiritual root of a physical illness or pain **provides intuitive holistic recommendations for mind body soul healing**
  • the root of repeated challenges/ cycles anxiety, depression 
  • Burnt out? how to recenter yourself **provides intuitive holistic recommendations for mind body soul healing**
  • Feel like your Going through a spiritual awakening? trying to figure out who you are and could benefit from being open to receive guidance & advice on your spiritual/self-development journey

How it works : 

You'll receive an email after booking is confirmed [more details on reading will be in the email]. on the scheduled date of reading we meet & connect for 60min via Gmail chat on whatever it is you need clarity on

Something like a Cosmic-Therapist <3..