Shadow Integration

Shadow Integration


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Life is filled with duality, including you. With good there is bad & with dark there is light but we have been taught to suppress the darkest parts of us while only embracing the light. Meeting your shadow ensures that you live in your truth, identifying the parts of yourself that may be sabotaging you. By introducing your light to your dark you can better understand who you are to feel, heal, love & live an authentically in your truth 

What To Expect ...

we tap into your current energy using tarot & oracle cards for higher guidance to find out...

What you've been suppressing or ignoring for your highest good?

Why have you been ignoring this?

How are you holding on to things hurting you?

What shadow behavior is preventing you from moving forward right now? 

What perspective do you need to adapt to work with this constructively?

What actions should you take

as well as intuitive advice & recommendations I see fit in your reading

You'll receive an email after booking & after booking is confirmed. [more details on meeting will be in the email].

On the scheduled date we meet & connect for 60min via Gmail chat.

*** Keep in mind I am not a licensed therapist or a counselor ****