A sacred SPACE for your holistic spiritual development!

Just like an alter you need a sacred space to feel safe & connect with your Higher self, Spirit & gifts for higher guidance & self development. Here you can feel safe to elevate, integrate & manifest as we ground the metaphysical to the physical, while connecting with like minded souls that remind you, you are not on this journey alone <3.

As well as providing you with Mind Body & soul intuitive & astrological guidance, tips, techniques, & tools to utilize these  elements without & within you on your journey to intentionally Co-create & transform your life through spiritual, holistic & cosmic alchemy .


SVFE SPACE Soul Purpose:

  " Mind body & soul cannot be whole without the other "

Dalis Paige was heart led to spread intuitive wisdom/guidance and hold this space by tapping into her gifts & her own life experiences. She knows first hand the struggles she's had on her healing, spiritual & self development/ discovery journey. She believes we all have an inner Alchemist ready to transmute & co create. Providing the tools for people like her who need & would appreciate guidance & a tribe to alchemize, heal & interrogate the spiritual, physical & mental wellbeing on your journey to freedom, abundance, & expressing your most authentic YOU! 




Cosmic - " All things as a whole, Epic! relating to the universe or the infinite cosmos "  

  Alchemist - " A person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process " 


I found purpose, Growth & healing using a natural holistic & elemental approach through Artistic, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & in conclusion, Cosmic alchemy connecting with my gifts the inner( within myself) & outter ( material world outside myself) elements, my higher-self & the Astro blue print (my natal chart ).

which inspired me to provide this space for you to do the same <3

      Consider me Your personal Virtual Holistic coach with a Cosmic | spiritual approach 

 I believe there are many resources or ways to transform or nourish our minds & bodies but! their aren’t to many spaces or places to invest in your spiritual or souls development. Ultimately, we have better relationships with our mind & body when we connect with our soul. Which is why i wanted to provide the tools & space to integrate them all & feel safe to tap into your inner alchemist. You can find health & fitness guidance tools & tips, ASTROpsychology ( astrology that helps you better understand yourself & your life experience) Intuitive advice/ guidance, Crystal healing, sound healing & much more to come!! but most importantly a space to connect & tap in.


Get a glimpse of my HE[ART] & personal choice of creative healing & expression through poetic alchemy by purchasing My self published book! 

              Letters To Me... [ Them, You, He, She ]                 "