Meet Dalis Paige ..

   For as long as I can remember I spent most my life subconsciously & consciously searching for purpose. Identifying myself with relationships, hobbies, jobs, society, school, my environment &… generational trauma. But none of this ever fulfilled me, or made me feel whole nor brought me where I wanted or felt destined to go. I always felt something missing as nothing ever interested me I was constantly in search of my why? I knew my calling was much bigger but what? not aware of the answer to this question I blindly repeated cycles, causing tower moments, hardships, heartbreak, anxiety depression & confusion. The more pain & failures I endured the more I blocked my he[art] which meant blocking my blessings, my gifts.

     The calling to heal was loud & so intuitively guided the journey began.. starting with my health & dedicating myself to the gym. Developing a better connection between my body & food. with time & consistency I seen progress physically while also gaining strength & confidence mentally this gave me the courage to take on anything, so i swore by holistic health & physical activity!

  By unlocking this part of myself I wanted to help others who struggled in the beginning just as I did while doing it with style! which inspired me to Create my first online business/ community, FitGirlGlam in 2018 (which is now in the process of Rebranding). Through this community I realized my newfound love for inspiring others healing. But this was only the beginning.

   I finally felt good like I had FINALLY found my purpose. Leading me to go back to school where I studied nutrition & dietitian. But, college expenses & life issues didn’t fully allow me to commit the way I wanted to or.. was the universe stopping me? Going against these currents trying to make it happen still not fully aware of this answer ( my purpose ) I continued hitting tower moments & finally I had to ask myself .. not my ego, society or anyone else but my heart, source, the universe, the cosmos..

who am I? & what am I doing it all for?

I surrendered to the calling & the answer came .. “ what If you already are? What if you already been who your supposed To be & when you stop looking it is then you will notice me, YOU! “

I was a purpose chaser. But I wasn't following my own advice . If I knew one thing! we Dont chase we attract & thats when I realized I was already living in purpose & it was time to claim my divine rights!

I stopped attaching myself to labels or a piece of paper to solidified or validate who I had been all along.

 By surrendering to the material world, the things that look good to society & my old story it left me open to embrace the many faces & layers of myself to be open to whoever I wanted to be! A student of life, a vessel, a cosmic creator, A alchemist! a Heartist an ever changing being just simply co creating <3 .

finally giving myself permission to live my truth unapologetically.

But.. Getting To this point was not easy & took a lot of help, healing, learning & unlearning by using a holistic approach. Physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually Connecting with the universe, my guides, the Cosmos, my gifts, the 4 elements, my higher-self & the Astro blue print (natal chart). 

Through my own experiences I know how hard I deeply struggled on my journey which is why Ive held this space with the tools to transmute co create & step into your Full power too!


A place were Dalis Paige holds sacred SPACE for you!

Just like an alter you need a sacred space to feel safe & connect with a higher source & your spirit team. Here you can feel safe to elevate, integrate & manifest on your quest to your best while connecting with like minded souls that remind you, you are not on this journey alone <3.

As well as providing you with intuitive guided Mind Body & soul healing tips, techniques, tools while getting you in tune with the elements within you to help you alchemize on your journey back to you!


SVFE SPACE Soul Purpose:

Mind body & soul cannot be whole without the other

Dalis Paige was heart led to spread intuitive wisdom/guidance by tapping into her gifts & her own life experiences. As the collective consciousness rises she knows first hand the struggles she's had on her healing & self development/ discovery & transformative journey so she holds this space & provides the tools for people like her who need guidance & a tribe to alchemize, heal & interrogate the spiritual, physical & mental well being on your journey to freedom, abundance, & expressing your most authentic YOU!