Cosmic alchemy [Personalized Guide]

Cosmic alchemy [Personalized Guide]


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A Cosmic Guide for you, about you!

Most of us are aware of our sun sign or our big three

[ Sun, Moon, Rising ]

But within us, we have many elements that makeup who we are and the talents, gifts, and magic we possess! When we tap into these energies we can use all of the elements & ingredients to tap into our inner alchemist to co-create our reality and step into our wholeness!

This Reading reminds you, you have everything you need! to step more into your light! Your individuality, Your power, your purpose.


How its works : 

I break down your natal chart [your Astro blueprint ] with intuitive channeled guidance on your Houses, planets, north node & midheaven [part of your purpose in this lifetime]. Also includes a reading on each of your elements & house placements they fall in to receive higher guidance on how to best tap into the cosmic energy & the elements within you to utilize on your Journey. 

 By being completely, unapologetically you the possibilities are endless!

** At checkout please leave your birth date, year, first & last name, time, & place of birth in the note section. Within a week you will receive a personalized detailed natal chart report/ Reading**

Comes in a natal report [ PDF Form ].