Desert Rose ( pocket size )
Desert Rose ( pocket size )

Desert Rose ( pocket size )


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Purifying, calming, protection, heighten intuition, self confidence Motivation & energy. Helps you believe yourself Like a personal spirit guide with u at all times. Raises vibration helps create a better connection with the divine to receive higher guidance & work with ur guardians. 

Mind: highlights sub thought patterns in order to reprogram them.  release you from the traps of addiction. Mental balance, stay committed to projects despite obstacles, clear conscious decisions.

Body : Muscular flexibility. Regeneration in tissues. Good skin, sex drive. Removes fatigue, Bone Health, fight sickness, infection

Soul : Root & crown chakra divine connection manifest better like having your spirit guides with you. good connection with spirit divine realms.

Element : air

Planet : earth

Chem : sand

Zodiac : Capricorn, scorpio, taurus