Opalite( Pocket Size )
Opalite( Pocket Size )

Opalite( Pocket Size )


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Queen of GEMz

This rare stone Represents fortune, luck, love & passion. High vibrational healing properties Amplifying & kickstarting a creative heart. Attract good things into your aura. Like a personal sidekick during creative projects. live life in color like the opal does.


Mind: Emotional support amplifies thoughts you haven’t seen clearly helping you see what needs to be released & having a healthy balance connection with your authentic self.

Body: Boost immune, flush of health by flushing the system

Soul: cleanses all chakras, removes blockages Cleanses your aura giving you a glow & angelic connection

Element : water

Planet : Venus

Chem : SiO2·nH2O

Zodiac : scorp, libra